Small Beer, big impact

Small Beer has officially launched to huge success!

We’ve all had that moment after one too many beers the night before, where we wished we had had one less Guinness and one more glass of water. Or sitting in the office working late, wanting to crack open a brew but not lose focus. And yes, we know, there are alcohol free beers on the market, but they so often lack in taste and charisma that it isn’t long before we are reaching for another ‘proper’ beer. Plus, come on, what are we going to do, give up drinking?

Enter small beer – low alcohol beer that actually tastes great, and the guys at the Small Beer Co making it their mission to bring you tasty beers you can drink all night long without the hangover the next day.


Low in alcohol, but high in flavour – Small Beer’s Lager

This low ABV beer is the perfect drink for anyone looking for a low alcohol drink that doesn’t compromise on taste. In fact, one of the main selling points for this beer is this differentiating factor; where other low or zero alcohol beers taste watery and lacking in real mouthfeel, Small Beer really packs a punch. We were particularly impressed by the Dark Lager which had a very developed flavour and was lighter on carbonation than we are used to with other low alcohol drinks we’ve tried in the past. Equally great was the classic lager, a citrusy and crisp drink that we could really envision drinking all summer long.

Co-founders James and Felix have created something really different, striving not only to create a great tasting beer, but also to reduce their carbon footprint while doing so. Where it takes up to ten pints of water to create a normal beer, it takes only one and a half pints to create a small beer. Alongside this, the brewery uses 100% sustainable energy, using wind and solar power to generate its electricity, and all labels, boxes and cards are made from recycled materials.


Much like the Mini Cooper at their brewery, Small Beer are proving that bigger isn’t necessarily better. Photo: Small Beer Company

Located in South Bermondsey, the Small Beer Brewery is a unique space. Attending the launch night was a spectacular experience with an array of food and drinks on offer that was unexpected and honestly pretty special. Oysters from The Oystermen, delicious small plates from The Shed and The Rabbit restaurants, and cheese from Bambuni, these guys pulled out all the stops as we munched on miniature beef wellingtons and drank specially crafted beer cocktails while live jazz buzzed melodiously in the background.


Knocking back some great brews at the Small Beer brewery, and we didn’t even have a headache in the morning!

Small it might be, but this beer is creating a big impact!

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