Belsazar’s new Riesling Vermouth

With the sun shining, Belsazar launched their latest iteration of the beautifully balanced Riesling edition last week at The Aviary Bar with a killer batch of summery cocktails. In a sea of Hawaiian shirts, we found ourselves drinking ice cold ‘Friesling’ slushies, fruity pina coladas, classic martinis and more, all wrapped up in a tropical blast of dehydrated pineapple garnish. The masterful Callum O’Flynn kept us responsibly trashed as we partied the night away with friends and strangers, enjoying the sunset over London and clinking multiple glasses into the night.

PHOTO-2018-08-03-09-03-38 (1)

The Riesling-based edition packs a fruity punch, containing dried pineapple, grapefruit and peppermint – a suitably refreshing mix for such a light and floral vermouth. Working closely with renowned German winery Dr Loosen, this edition celebrates the subtle, acidic flavour of Reisling with a zingy tropical twist!


Photo credit: Matt the List (

It’s no secret that we’ve always been big fans of the Belsazar brand, often finding ourselves part of some impromptu event with a glass of vermouth in hand. We highly recommend trying this edition, whether you’re a vermouth connoisseur or looking to try something a little different. With this year set to be a big one for the vermouth industry, these guys are definitely up there as one of the top contenders for best vermouth.

Big shout out to Matt the List ( for the awesome photography. Check out his work here.


Photo credit: Matt the List

PHOTO-2018-08-03-09-03-38 (2)



Just trying to look cool and nonchalant, no big deal…


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