Luxardo Sour Cherry Gin

Many people are familiar with Maraschino cherries, those delicious garnishes you cant help but savour at the bottom of some of your cocktails (no, not those cheap bright red ones that taste of nothing). Well, the maker of these delights, Luxardo, has finally decided to put the Marasca cherry pride of place by infusing Marasca cherry juice into their London Dry Gin for their new Sour Cherry Gin, and boy is it tasty.


Fruit gins are becoming more popular as people tire of the traditional G&T with a slice of lime, and the sour cherry gin is a great new addition. We popped into the official launch to try out some drinks made with the gin, and had a blast!

The gin has a bright cherry flavour and intense aroma, alongside the juniper notes of the London Dry gin. Luxardo is the oldest family-owned
liqueurs company in Italy and now owns over 30,000 Marasca cherry trees in the Torreglian hills, near the home of Luxardo in
Padua, Northern Italy. This sour cherry variety is exclusively cultivated by Luxardo.

The Sour Cherry Gin is great in cocktails, thrown in a Negroni for a moreish twist, or with some tonic and a cinnamon stick for an autumnal G&T. Or try Luxardo’s suggestion of a Cherry Martinez: 45ml Luxardo Sour Cherry Gin, 30ml Sweet Vermouth, 5ml Luxardo Maraschino liquer and two dashes of bitters. Also tastes great on its own as well!

Check out some pictures of the event and drinks below (as well as one of our beaming mugs :)).



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