Amaro Montenegro joins the Mangrove portfolio

Aleksandra Jaworska of Bullard & Worth, Edinburgh

Aleksandra Jaworska of Bullard & Worth, Edinburgh

As part of the spate of events in the run up to LCW, we were invited to a special rooftop party for one of our all time favourite Amaros, Amaro Montenegro, who have just joined the Mangrove Global portfolio, alongside Aperitivo Select and Vecchia Romagna brandy.

As a result of the UK finals of the Amaro Montenegro Vero Bartender Competition, winner Aleksandra Jaworska of Bullard & Worth in Edinburgh will go on to represent the UK in the world finals taking place in November in Bologna.

Created in 1885 by the Bolognese distiller Stanislao Cobianchi (also known as a “rebel genius”), this amaro is the result of Stanislao’s many experiments with countless ingredients and determination to create the ultimate blend of 40 botanicals to create his amaro liqueur. One final element added to the liqueur is the ‘Premio’, which is the result of the meticulous micro-distillation of five botanicals and is the final and fundamental ingredient of the secret recipe.

The result is a unique and authentic liquid; amber in colour with a complex herbal aroma and a perfectly balanced mix of sweet and bitter.


The classic, Amaro Montenegro and tonic – truly refreshing!

Classics such as ‘Montenegronis’ and Amaro and tonic were served at Ham Yard Hotel Rooftop bar to celebrate this move and the setting and atmosphere couldn’t have been more perfect. We have a lot of Italian family, including our Nonna, who we raised a glass to on the evening, and this liqueur really makes us feel at home, a huge thank you to everyone involved and here’s to Amaro!

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