Ice Sculpting for Cocktails with Jägermeister



Tools of the trade

As part of London Cocktail Week, we had the fantastic opportunity to try our hand at ice sculpting in a special ‘meisterclass’ run by Jägermeister. With the aim of providing the basics of home ice making for cocktails, this class was not only incredibly fun but left us with some truly useful skills to impress future dinner guests (being raised in Surrey gave us an appreciation of the fine art of hosting!).


Creepin’ on some cocktails

Starting with a huge block of crystal clear ice, we were armed with two types of knives, a hefty mallet and an assortment of strange looking ice picks to hack ourselves out an array of impressive ice shapes, starting with a basic cube to elaborate diamonds and spheres.

*Do not try this at home warning*


An incredibly sharp knife

To prepare cocktail worthy ice sculptures, the carver must firstly take a slab of prepared ice and saw through slightly with a sharp serrated knife before tapping their way through with the mallet. This formed two smaller blocks, a process that was repeated a number of times until a cube small enough to fit inside a rocks glass was formed. Once this initial shape is created, you can carve away corners to create a multi sided shape that captures the light at each intersection, or continue to whittle down using 45 degree angles to carve out a diamond shape.


Multi-sided shape fun

One of the most difficult and rewarding shapes was undoubtedly the sphere (ok, ok, we only really managed an ovoid/ice egg but still!), which was created by chipping away using a strange three pronged fork/pick/ice thing. This caused ice shards to fly everywhere in a refreshing flurry of ice rain, really great fun!

A lot harder than it looks (we may have clumsily cut ourselves a few times), this masterclass was a really unique experience in a week full of events that stood out as one of the most memorable and inspired things we’ve done in a while as part of DrinkingTwins – look out for twin ice sculptures in the future!


Ice diamonds are a drink’s best friend



Showing off them skillz

During LCW at Big Chill (where these masterclasses were held), Jägermeister served a selection of fun and classic cocktails accompanied by bar flaring and DJ events that made the whole place vibrant and fun. Located on the Big Chill terrace, Jägermeister’s Der Wald Bar, transported cocktail lovers to a contemporary German forest complete with fairy lights and foliage – a great immersive way to lose yourself in the world of Jäger!


Luging our minds

This included impressive sculptures and ice luges where Jägerlovers could indulge in an ice cold filtered shot, poured straight down the hatch, perfectly served at -18°.

A delectable selection of £6 cocktails were available from Jägermeister’s Hubertus Circle bartenders, including: Black Magic, Manifest Hunter’s Tea, Jägermeister Sour, Jungle Hunt and Manifest on the Rocks, plus Jägermeister’s signature cocktail – Jägermeister Mule.


Keyring flasks for the absolute win!

Nicole Goodwin, Marketing Director for Mast-Jaegermeister UK comments: “An inherently complex spirit, Jägermeister naturally lends itself to being enjoyed as an ice cold shot, as well as being used for experimentation and cocktail creation. We’re delighted to be continuing as official sponsors of London Cocktail Week and partnering with Big Chill as our festival venue.  This year, we’ve curated cocktails and experiences that we think surprise and excite consumers, ultimately inviting them to reimagine the possibilities of Jägermeister.”



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